Learning can be "fun" and educational.    We will work together to develop a customize program to fit the needs of your business. In this diverse workforce, learn to Bridge the Communication Gap between the Millienials vs the Baby Boomers, Men and Women, Extroverts and Introverts or get your required Sexual Harassment Managers Training completed. 

An in-person trainer can customize the training to your specific business' needs and concerns. Webinars can be boring and not interactive. I'm NOT boring. I am there to answer your personal questions. My training programs are interactive, informative, lively and empowering. Leaders vs Managers , Customer Service Finesse, Appreciation/ Motivational techniques, Interviewing Pitfalls and Labor Law compliance are just a few of the topics I can design. 

Labor Law Compliance     hiring & Terminations

Keeping up with the plethora of California labor laws and all their changes can be a daunting task. I assist companies maneuver through the land mine of compliance issues in order to avoid costly law suits and keep up with the requirements.  I will keep you updated on all the new changes in the laws and assist you in educating your employees on the new developments through company wide publications.


Employee Handbooks are excellent resources for all of your employees to understand the values, mission and rules of your business.I will tailor a handbook to your organization and reflect how you conduct business, It is important that the key policies are explained in a clear and consistent manner, plus the employees know what the company's expectations are as well as the benefits you offer.  Handbooks will provide successful defense on unemployment claims and/or other legal claims.



Recruitment is one of my specialities. I place the "right" talent in your business to fit your needs, culture and goals. Job placement is more than finding a person with the necessary skills. It is acquiring an individual adept at meeting the business' needs and 

Life Coaching - Career Development

Career development is imperative in all organizations. 60% of employees feel unengaged in their work due to lack of motivation, no growth possibilities, and not being recognized or valued. I assist owners with the important task of career growth, building the knowledge, skills and abilities of their employees. We work together to develop a plan of action, where the employees is fully engaged in their career path and where they acknowledge their potential for themselves and the organization. Rather than having costly turnover of talent, developing the talent within the organization shows employees that they are "seen, important, and valued

With my background as a Career Life Coaching


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